Managing safety in the palm of your hand

Cloud-based mobile solution for occupational safety

Safety audits are on the move with our mobile app

First at the scene? Now you can make all safety audits, observations and near-miss reports as they happen with our mobile-based system… because the incidents you need to monitor rarely happen behind a desk.

Reduce the risk of accidents with near-miss investigation

NordSafety knows that accidents happen. But by learning from any near-misses that occur, you can minimize the likelihood that the same event, or worse, will happen again.

Our mobile app makes it as easy as possible to report and investigate incidents directly from the site where they have taken place. You’ll be able to take photographs, assign tasks to get the situation resolved, and provide feedback.

With this capability to report near-miss incidents right on the spot, you’ll receive an increased amount of data from the field, giving you a greater insight into EHSQ and improving your levels of safety.

Want to learn more about assessing risks with NordSafety?

Increase your eyes and ears with public reporting

Encouraging the reporting of dangerous situations or on-site issues is paramount to avoiding accidents and problems, which is why NordSafety allows you to enable a public reporting feature.

Visitors and personnel don’t need to login in or have admin access when they find something amiss. This gives them the capability to make a report as easy as the distribution of links with NFC-tags, QR-codes, or redirects from your intranet or public sub-domain. Now anyone can inform you of the things you need to be aware of by submitting their observations and photographs as and when things are noticed, by those who are most likely to notice them.

The NordSafety public reporting feature broadens your scope for surveillance, increases staff engagement with their environment and improves the overall safety of your working areas.

Enterprise level administration and security

Within NordSafety, you’ll be able to easily add and manage users, with the ability to assign them to the correct domain, choose languages, and grant or restrict access to specific features with user groups.

You can model your organization structure manually or automatically via our API, helping you to allocate users to the correct place. Users are able to filter relevant and useful safety information, see reports on different organization and team levels and examine the underlying challenges faced by the business.

Predictive analytics

Build your own customized dashboard to show the critical information of your organization’s performance in real-time. See different site safety levels, follow up risk assessments and manage how safety tasks are handled at every stage.

Custom audits and reporting

Here at NordSafety, we know that different organizations need to focus on different things. And we also know that there are a lot of different inspections, audits and reporting forms that demand digitalization.

To solve this problem, we’ve built a form editor that allows you to build and edit your own custom forms. You’ll be able to take all the information you’ve collected straight to mobile, saving you time, resources and an awful lot of admin.