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    Invite others to join your projects and share safety information in real-time

Invite organizations to collaborate

Sharing safety information just got a whole lot easier with NordSafety’s innovative approach to collaboration. Invite the different parties that are working on the same project, and they’ll be able to view all the details you produce and share, meaning that you can be confident that everyone is up to date with those latest auditing results and near miss incident reports.

Contractor reporting

Think about all the possible communication errors that can occur between contractors and sub-contractors. It’s difficult enough to manage your own organization’s EHSQ issues, and at shared sites you could manage a whole network of companies. We know it’s a challenge. Fortunately, the collaboration feature makes it possible for you to handle the whole network with ease.

Allow anyone to report to the collaborative site and all invited organizations will instantly see the documents and reports in their feed. The site owner can control what content is shared and which contractors are involved. Start managing EHSQ issues together with your network and stakeholders today to make your entire community of workers safer.

Document Archiving

One time consuming task has been to store information to meet the legal requirements and the reporting needs of different stakeholders. By using Collaboration feature you will produce the information once and it’s available to everyone. This will save your time and nerves!

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