Get mobile with NordSafety’s industry leading features

Innovative EHSQ solutions for reporting, with analytics that work across all devices.

On-the-go innovation for EHSQ

Make reporting easy, increase productivity and analyze your EHSQ at the touch of a button.

Lead with information

Holistic real-time view of your organization’s EHSQ keeps you connected with what’s really going on.

Task assigment

Efficiently assign deviations and incidents to the correct members of personnel, with an automated follow-up system.

Investigation and feedback process

NordSafety is the mobile solution that allows you to investigate your incidents and follow processes in real-time.

The mobile solution of the future

Save over 60% of your time by moving to our mobile system, eliminating excessive paper trails and time-consuming admin processes.

Putting people first

NordSafety is designed with users in mind, with an easy-to-use interface available across all devices.


Invite others to work together and share information in real-time with all stakeholders

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