Construction Industry

Checklists and auditing with a mobile solution

Quick Start

You can start in hours with our off-the-self check-lists, close call reports and auditing templates. You start within hours and can add more features later on. You usually need also less licenses than you think. With the public reporting channel all different stakeholders can report without logging to the system.

Safety Checklists

Safety is always important in Construction business as it is one of the most dangerous industries there is. Close Call reporting and weekly audits will improve your safety levels drastically. We have success stories where our customers have got 14x more close call reports with our mobile solution in just one year. Do you think you safety would improve by increasing close call reports?

Quality Inspections

Quality inspections and documentation of different project phases is crucial for the overall project management. NordSafety can help you with this also. You can have checklists and auditing lists for different operations. It helps documentation when everything is stored automatically on our platform and you have also pictures of hidden structures etc.