Civil Engineering

Mobile reporting on the field with pictures and corrective actions

Easy Implementation

NordSafety is a SaaS-Service which means that you don’t have to install anything. Your account is up-and-running in matter of hours when you decide to start using our service. If you need some tailored information collection forms, don’t worry. We will fix them to you in one week from your order. After this you don’t need to care of the service running as that’s all managed by use. SaaS-platforms and mobile solutions are the current standard for most of enterprise applications.

Education and Support

We will give you a thorough walk trough of our solutions where you learn all the tips and tricks. After this you can give instructions to your organization. Most of the users will only use the mobile application that is super easy to use. It designed for easy usage for all user from different backgrounds. We have implemented the some User Experience as people face on their consumer applications, so the barrier to start using NordSafety is really low.

We also offer an Support Center where you find answers to your questions and we are of course also answering your emails and calls to get things done.

Field Reporting

One of the most added value bringing features is the field reporting. You can do everything right on the field with your tablet or smart phone. Fill in the reports with easy Correct-Incorrect choices, take pictures and assign corrective actions to right people. The follow up of tasks is also automated so you can just watch the dashboard to see how you are performing. In addition to this also all the information is archived automatically and you’ll receive a PDF of every report to your email if you wish so.