New NordSafety Desktop Login Screen

When building our product or doing any work related to it, we do it with security in mind. We aim to improve our products information security whenever and however we can. That is why today we are announcing our most significant change to date in NordSafety security: the NordSafety Identity.

The most visible change to you, the user, is the new login experience. We have changed Portal, WebClient, iOS and Android applications to use the same login experience. The new login immediately increases security; you know that you are logging into the real NordSafety if you see that same page, same address and a padlock in the address bar. The login opens in a browser on iOS and Android devices, which means that you can use your password manager more easily.

Also now when you create a new user they will receive an automatic email invitation.

NordSafety mobile login screen
New NordSafety mobile login screen

You can find password reset and password change in the new Identity application. We have also adjusted the password requirements to adhere to security best practices. WebClient users should also be aware that WebClient can no longer be accessed when you are offline. You can still save forms locally if you lose your internet connection while filling in a form. We advise you to use our native clients, especially if you need to work in offline conditions.

We can now integrate your company’s Microsoft Azure AD to authenticate your users to NordSafety. We are also releasing new APIs for user management. Using the APIs, you can automate user creation, updating, and deletion. If you would like to know more about integrating your identity provider to NordSafety, then please contact us at [].

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