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NordSafety brings EHSQ management to the mobile platform

Meeting the challenge for better safety

NordSafety is the new way to collect and share HSEQ information. We've also put a lot a focus on how to engage your staff in safety. With NordSafety you are aware of what's happening in the field with our photo and information streams. Our mobile app and SaaS service is a perfect fit for high risk or high quality industries, where you'll make a difference by knowing what's happening in real-time.

Simplify safety

At NordSafety, we want to engage everyone in occupational safety, and make it easier for you to manage site information. We provide a new mobile method for handling occupational safety, quality and site information management in any organization where safety matters. NordSafety is a mobile solution that allows you to collect, share, and report HSEQ information in the field, in-real time. Working across industry functions, we provide a user-friendly method for handling occupational safety, quality and information management in any organization where safety matters. You can easily undertake safety audits, accident and incident reports, site diaries and much more with photos and results automatically stored and visualized at the NordSafety portal.

Saving time and money, this is the beginning of a new, mobile era in safety management. Forget pens and papers – let’s make workplace safety easy, digitally.

Meet the NordSafety team

Timo Kronlöf

Head of Business Development, Co-founder

Timo is our safety specialist, helping our customers to achieve a safer working environment, and bringing his insight to NordSafety product vision.

Phone +358 40 534 1663

Email firstname.lastname@nordsafety.com

Tuomo Lassila


Fredrik Löfberg

CEO, Co-founder

Fredrik manages the everyday operations of NordSafety. Areas of are financial management, strategy and internationalization.

Phone +358 50 410 6628

Email firstname.lastname@nordsafety.com

Tommi Piironen


Maria Ruuskanen

Customer Success Manager

Megan Schaible

Managing director, UK

Managing Director, NordSafety Ltd. for United Kingdom and International English-Speaking Markets. Responsible for business development, sales and marketing to establish, expand, and manage operations of a NordSafety subsidiary overseas.

Phone +44 7784 9435 18

Email firstname.lastname@nordsafety.com

Karri Takki

Sales Manager

Karri is driven to improve our customers’ safety management and productivity, letting them know all the benefits they could achieve with NordSafety. Anything you want to ask about using NordSafety and how we could help you, Karri is always happy to help

Phone +358 40 6725445

Email firstname.lastname@nordsafety.com

Jani Virtala

CTO, Co-founder
Jani leads the development team that makes NordSafety such a successful service. He keeps us up-to-date on the latest tech trends and oversees our product development.

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